We supply a broad range of cultures for a large array of applications. Our cultures can be used in yogurt, drink-type yogurt, frozen yogurt, cheeses, and a variety of other fermented products. We can create custom blends of cultures to match desired flavor, texture, and consistency.

Probiotics are bacteria that have certain beneficial properties. We carry a large range of probiotic strains that can be used in the food, animal feed, and pharmaceutical industries. We have extensive experience helping our customers develop successful probiotic products. Find out more about Probiotics here.

In addition to starter cultures, we provide colostrum, growth media for specific cultures, coagulants, stabilizers, and colors.

Careful hydrolysis of certain proteins produces peptides and amino acids with particular functional properties. These can be utilized in a broad range of applications such as baby formulas, meat fillers, primary nutrition, cosmetics, and microbial culture growth.

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We can provide certified organic and kosher products.